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Who Can Benefit?

Organisations® provides a proven, tailored and cost effective programme that supports employees in a flexible and confidential way.

As part of piloting the programme we asked for feedback about the areas that participants felt would be most effective.

  • Training managers to strengthen their own resilience and improve performance
  • Part of an absence management strategy
  • Senior managers needing confidential support
  • Part of staff benefits package
  • Part of the management training to better understand and support team members

Remain Resilient & Stay on Top

Case Studies and Examples

To find out more about the benefits of® for your organisation feel free to download our PowerPoint slideshow with examples and case studies on organisational benefits.

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Special Offer for Organisations

Pilot Package

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"My coach was wonderful, very empathetic and flexible in her approach"

JS Oxford


The impact that one employee can have on a SME, if they are suffering from stress or anxiety, is huge.

Supporting a member of staff and knowing how to access professional help can be difficult both resource wise and financially. If a staff member needs to take half a day out for counselling this not only puts resources under strain but can be difficult in terms of confidentiality.

The advantages of® for SME 's are:

  • No service retainment fee or hidden costs
  • Programmes bought individually at a fixed cost
  • Professional confidential assessment pre course included in the cost
  • 1 hour telecoaching sessions are flexible in time and place (including early mornings, evenings and weekends)
  • Easy to keep confidentiality, as participant registers through the website
  • Programme has a 6 week time frame.

"It has given me a tool kit that will enable me to deal with whatever issues, dilemmas and problems come my way."

KT. Business Support Manager Barrow in Furness

Individuals® is specially designed to be easily accessible for you as an individual. It is an opportunity to participate in a confidential, flexible programme that can fit around your schedule as your personal coach takes you through the 6 steps to a more fulfilling life.

People who benefit may have:

  • Stress at work or home
  • Raised anxiety levels
  • Feelings of being overwhelmed by all life's demands
  • Have ongoing physical conditions that cause chronic pain
  • A general lack of enjoyment in life

Please contact us for information on prices and full details on what the course involves.