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What Is Fit For Life?

What is Fit For Life?® is a 1:1 tele-coaching programme, accessible to both individuals and organizations. A dedicated coach guides participants through carefully structured 1 hour telephone coaching sessions over a period of 6 weeks, made available at a time that suits the individual participant.® provides 6 steps towards managing stress and building resilience, offering a cost effective, flexible, accessible and proven approach to increased well-being and satisfaction in life.

The course is accessed virtually and course materials are downloaded from the website each week, building into a comprehensive workbook with MP3 files that support the participant between sessions.

A confidential validated questionnaire, 4DSQ is employed on registration to ensure that the programme is appropriate and that any prospective participants are sign posted for further help if indicated. There is no charge for this service.

All coaches are trained and experienced in programme delivery and have demonstrated a high level of expertise in the area of stress management and resilience coaching.

The material for the programme is a development of the Fit for Life group programme that is currently running successfully in several large organisations across the UK and Europe.

What Is Resilience?

There is much talk of resilience currently in organisations, systems and in relation to individuals, there are many books on the subject and the media has articles and programmes about it every week.

One of the popular ways of describing resilience is 'bouncebackability'. We all know someone who seems to have been dealt a bad hand in life and yet remains cheerful, undaunted and has time for others

We have used current research in this area to develop a® Resilience Map. Alongside information and strategies for managing stress, this Resilience Map helps identify skill sets that are strong as well as those that need more attention and focus and so help us bounce back from life's challenges.