What Our Clients Say

London Fire Brigade - Programme Evaluation

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"Evaluations show that well-being and resilience have increased significantly amongst those who attended the Fit for Life course."

Mairin Finn
Change Manager | London Fire Brigade

The Lancashire Well-Being Programme - A Strategy for Schools

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"In response to various requests by senior leaders in schools for support for individuals, a small pilot programme was put in place to ascertain whether the Fit for Life six week programme would be of benefit to staff working in an education setting.

The results have been very encouraging and as a result the programme will be offered to all schools from September 2010."

Marion Waddington
Programme Co-ordinator | Lancashire County Council

Du Pont - Prevention as Well as Cure

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"We needed a programme flexible enough to capture the attention of everyone from shop floor operators and senior management, conscious and proven to be an effective intervention. Fit For Life offered all this and more. Emerald works with professionalism and integrity ensuring her method is delivered to the highest standards."

Thomas S Spiers
Employees Assistance Programmes Manager | Du Pont EMER Region

Furmanite - A Pilot for Managers

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"A worthwhile exercise for any individual to help manage the demands of their work and personal life. Highly recommend to line managers not only to manage their own stress levels but to increase awareness and improve people management skills! "

Jo Cox
HR Manager | Furmanite

Individual Participant's Feedback

  • I thought I was really happy, but now I feel even better, I am eating better, and thinking about things, taking a bit more time over things.
    London Fire Fighter
  • My coach was fantastic I never ever imagined being able to discuss issues with somebody over the phone and gain so much knowledge and understanding, she made me feel totally at ease and comfortable throught the entire programme. I looked forward to every session it was one of the main highlights of every week and now that I won't have her phoning me every Friday, Fridays just wont be the same.
    KT. Business Support Manager. Barrow
  • Talking things through on the phone gave me a new way of looking at a problem and the good effects rippled right through the family. fitforlife.tel® worked perfectly for me. I could fit it in around my own schedule and give myself the space to reflect before and after the conversation.
    RS. Oxford
  • I liked the fact that I didn't get all the course material in one go. It was exciting getting the new material and made me want to review what we'd covered the previous week before looking at what we were covering in the next session.
    SN. Oxford
  • I volunteered for the programme a little bit sceptical, however it is by a million miles the best training programme I have ever been involved in. It has changed me as a person in so many ways. It has given me a totally different outlook and understanding providing me with a tool kit that will enable me to deal with whatever issues, dilemas and problems come my way. I would recommend it to everyone. I wouldn't hesitate to be involved in any other programmes available. I would never have believed any training course or programme could have such an impact.
    KT. Business Support Manager. Barrow
  • My coach was wonderful, very empathetic and flexible in her approach.
    JS. Psychotherapist
  • I actually found that talking things through on the phone rather than face to face helped focus my mind on what was really bothering me….. You stop thinking about all the irrelevant things, like the room you are in, how you are coming across and concentrate instead on the positive solutions to the stress you are under.
    BM. London
  • I found the material straightforward to follow and it was easy to go back to and recall what we'd covered in the session. There appeared to be just the right amount of material for an hour's session, although I suspect that was also down to the skill of my coach. It was pitched very well for me and I now feel I have a manual for life which I will go back to time and time again.
    SN. Oxford