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Features & Benefits for your Organisation

The government is calling on organisations of all shapes and sizes to promote resilience and good mental health in the work place. It suggests that integrating mental well-being promotion into the work culture is a step towards this.

Recent research estimates that 17% of the working population think that their job is extremely or very stressful. It is often difficult for employers to know just how to go about supporting employees with this. Counselling with an EAP in larger organisations is frequently the only support considered. Employees may reach the point of distress and absence from work before this is offered.® offers a proactive alternative or an addition to existing services for organisations of all sizes.® provides:

  • Structured support for individuals experiencing high demands both in and out of work Click for a programme overview
  • A specific intervention targeted at enabling staff to cope better and so reducing sickness absence
  • A confidential and flexible 1:1 coaching programme for managers to build personal resilience and support staff
  • Proactive support for teams in times of organisational change
  • Long term resilience for those who have participated in the programme
  • Optional follow up coaching calls® is:

  • An established programme that is proven through evaluation to significantly reduce stress and increase resilience
  • Delivered by dedicated, experienced professional coaches
  • Excellent value, the cost includes all materials, workbooks and MP3s, there are no hidden extras

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Features and Benefits

For further details of the corporate features and benefits of® please feel free to download and use our Power Point.

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Small or Medium Enterprises

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We understand that SMEs have particular requirements and constraints. Click here to see how we can specifically benefit you.

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Special Discounted Pilot Programmes

We are offering your organization the opportunity to experience how the® programme could be of benefit to your managers and employees, with a special discounted package.

This package enables you to pilot the programme with up to 10 individuals at a substantial discount, we will then work with you to evaluate its effectiveness and so help build a solid business case.

There is no obligation to continue with the programme after the pilots have completed.

The pilot package includes:

  • Up to 10 programmes
  • Evaluation
  • Final report

Please contact us for more information.